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As part of our commitment to those planning ahead and to the bereaved, our experts produce many regular articles with information and advice on how to plan your own funeral through to all aspects of bereavement. 

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Pure Cremation offers an unrivalled continuity of care, from the first phone call to the hand delivery of the ashes. If you pass away in Scotland, then the cremation will take place at the stunning Clyde Coast and Garnock Valley Crematorium or The Hurlet Crematorium. These crematoria are owned by our trusted-partner, Horizon Cremations.

Unattended cremations for people who pass away in England or Wales, will take place at Charlton Park Crematorium, in the Hampshire countryside.

In all cases, the cremation is performed by dedicated staff, who treat everyone with the same level of dignified, respect and care.

Pure Cremation is proud to go above and beyond the strict UK rules for identity checking. Each person we look after is given a unique identification code, which is scanned at each stage of care.

  • Each coffin’s identity is checked when it arrives at the crematorium. All data must match the documents submitted to the crematorium before it can be accepted
  • This identity is checked again, before the coffin enters the cremation chamber, and a ceramic disc bearing the specific cremation number is placed on the coffin
  • The identity is checked and logged again once the remains and the ceramic disc are removed from the cremation chamber
  • This identity is logged once more when the remains go through the final step: preparation to return to the family

Pure Cremation is one of the only direct cremation providers in the UK to use this visible proof of identity.

Pure Cremation Limited's lower prices and various payment options make this easier. We accept payments from multiple family members for cremations needed now.


Looking after your family comes first. If your loved one passes away at home, in a nursing home or hospice we will not ask for any money before we set out. We do require full payment before booking the cremation. In all other cases we ask for full payment before bringing your loved one into our care.


Payment methods:


Bank transfer – quick, secure and free. Our bank details are on the invoice so you can use on-line banking or take the invoice into a local branch. Remember it is perfectly proper to use funds from the deceased’s account to pay for their funeral.


Card payment – we accept all major credit cards and of course you can pay by debit card.


Funeral plans – we are happy to accept plans from a wide range of providers, as well as Pure Cremation clients. If your plan allows you to choose the funeral director we’ll do the rest. Please be aware that some plan values are very modest and may not cover the entire cost.


Social Fund Funeral Award from the DWP – we have a process in place to assist individuals who qualify for help with funeral costs, often without any deposit payment.


If you cannot afford a funeral and cannot get help from the DWP you have some options. In the case of a death in hospital you can ask the relevant NHS Trust to carry out the funeral, or in the case of a death in the community, contact the local Social Services team. There are also charities that may be able to assist.


Free Funeral Plan guide

Request our complete guide today - explore whether a Pure Cremation Plan is right for you and discover the different payment options available. If you would like to request an audio version, please call us.

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Support services

You are not alone. There are many organisations that offer support and care to the bereaved, and here you’ll find information and links to a few of the best-known:


Helpline opening hours: Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5pm (excluding bank holidays) with extended hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to 8pm


Normal Service 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday When the helpline is closed, callers will be given the option to be routed to Combat Stress or The Samaritans 24hr helpline.


A self help organisation which exists to meet the needs of those bereaved by the suicide of a family member or anyone close to them.


Open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Offers advice or information on money, care or health.


Open 8.30am-6.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-1pm on Saturday and closed on Sundays and bank holidays

Free and impartial advice on issues such as care and support, money and benefits, health and mobility.


You can call any time, day or night

Samaritans offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you.


Free impartial financial advice to help you manage your money better.


Free useful information, helplines, advice and encouraging stories from others to help with grief.


Use the interactive tool to find out if you can get help if you are entitled to legal aid. Does not help with probate but can help with debt advice if your home is at risk.


Bereavement Advice Centre offers a free Death Notification Service.