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Why Choose a Pure Cremation

Whether you need a funeral straightaway or would like to plan ahead, we are dedicated to providing simple, respectful cremations with hand delivery of the ashes without a funeral service.

A Pure Cremation is a wonderfully liberating option

Here are just some of the reasons why thousands of people each year entrust Pure Cremation with the care and cremation of their loved ones:

Pure Cremation is the one of the UK's leading independent providers of direct cremations

Pure Cremation Ltd have extensive experience in funeral service and over 7 years' experience with direct cremations

Pure Cremation Funeral Planning was the best selling provider of Funeral Plans in the UK in 2021.

All the dignity and care you deserve from our team at every stage

Avoid the costs of a traditional funeral (£4,141), as detailed in the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2024

Our prices are simple and transparent, with no hidden costs

You can reach us 24hrs a day, 7-days a week when you need urgent care

Our caring team offers expert advice and guidance to help you choose what's best for you

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You and your family are in safe and caring hands when you choose a Pure Cremation or Pure Cremation Funeral Plan


How we compare

We've done the market research on funeral plan providers so you don't have to.

Highest standard of care

Every bereaved family deserves to know what they should expect from a reputable Direct Cremation provider. 

All funeral directors have an ethical obligation to serve each family in a professional and caring manner, being respectful of their wishes and confidences, being honest and fair in all dealings with them, and being considerate of those of lesser means.

Firms have an ethical obligation to care for each deceased person with the highest levels of respect and dignity, and to transport, prepare and shelter the remains in a professional, caring and conscientious manner.

Firms have an ethical obligation to the public to offer their services and to operate their businesses in accordance with the highest principles of honesty, fair dealing and professionalism.

Firms have an ethical obligation to their staff to both operate their businesses in accordance with legislation and to treat their staff fairly.


A funeral without the service

A direct cremation is a modern alternative to a traditional cremation funeral. The cremation takes place completely separately from the personal farewell, allowing families to create their own special remembrance in their own time. It’s perfect for people who don’t like funerals.


Families tell us that creating a beautiful funeral with the ashes urn or a favourite photograph as the focal point is less daunting and more accessible.

21st century

21st Century reassurance

We use hospital-style tracking technology to ensure that the correct remains are returned to you, PLUS we use a ceramic identifying disc to give every family tangible confirmation of the identity of the ashes.

This disc is placed in the coffin just before it enters the cremation chamber, recovered with the remains afterwards and presented within our unique ashes container. These attractive boxes are made from cellulose so they are both robust and 100% biodegradable, PLUS the sliding lid makes it easy to scatter or transfer ashes.


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